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Unique Love Story of the Couple Himanshu & Shefali

  " A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created." -- Fawn Weaver

 Meet our lovely couple Himanshu & Shefali         

Himanshu is a Businessman and Shefali is a makeup artist. Their blissful story started in 2011. They both were in the same school but never talked at that time. Shefali and Himanshu first met 9 years ago in 2011 at their mutual friend's boutique. Once they both met in that boutique and then it all started, Himanshu then approached Shefali on Social Media then they started chatting and then slowly they came into the relationship. Soon they exchanged numbers and that is how it all began. If we talk about their family's reaction, they were okay with it. Shefali's mother knew about Himanshu so she called him to meet her, So he came to meet her parents. Shefali's parents planned each and everything without knowing it to Shefali so when Shefali arrived at home from work she was very much surprised and a little bit nervous because at that time they were going through a fight from the last one week. So at the time of Diwali when Shefali was in her office, Himanshu sent his friend Anish to Shefali's office asking for her car keys to sort out the fight between them, Anish made some stupid reason which she believed and then agreed to give him her car key. To sort out the fight Himanshu planned stuff and surprises for Shefali like sending a huge bouquet, putting gifts in her car, etc. This is how their fight gets sorted. After Himanshu met Shefali's parents now it was the turn of Shefali to meet Himanshu's parents Shefali says that" she was a little bit nervous and yeah she also passed the interview too". After a week both the families met and everything was perfect and then their Roka gets fixed. Despite having fights and twists they proved to be together, no matter what, This shows how much they love each other.


Their Wedding celebration started with a Pre Wedding shoot. The shoot was done in THE PICTURE VILLA and OMAXE WORLD HIGH STREET Faridabad. Both of them were looking stunning in their outfits.

pre wedding shoot

This feels like " You are my paradise and I would happily get stranded on you for a lifestyle"

pre wedding photography

pre wedding capture

 Engagement Ceremony

Shefali and Himanshu exchanged the rings at Golden Galaxy Hotels and Resorts. Both of them proved “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.

He holds the key to her heart 

engegement picture


   Haldi Ceremony 

Shefali and Himanshu's Haldi ceremony was held at their respective homes. Shefali wore floral jewelry from Bliss Boutique. The beautification property of haldi makes the Haldi ceremony an important ritual in Indian weddings.

"That Blossoming love, that color of joy, that blessing for a new journey"

haldi ceremony capture by rajesh digital

Look at her SMILE. How gorgeous she looks :)

haldi photography

The Charm on her face is Mesmerizing..


    Mehendi Ceremony

Their Mehendi ceremony also held at their respective homes. Shefali's Mehendi artist was from Chandigarh. Mehendi ceremony was filled with a lot of happiness and fun. Soft, Subtle yet stunning, this bride's just choose the gorgeous outfit for her Mehendi. The combination of pink color reflects peace and calmness. The pink color suits her perfectly.

mehendi ceremony photoshoot



The most important day of everyone's life is their Wedding Day. The venue for the wedding was MITHAS FOREVER. The hall was beautifully decorated. The bride wore an elegant red colored lehenga from Frontier Raas South Ex and her makeup was done by the artist Makeup by kopal on the other side the groom wore a dress by Manyavar.

"He stole my heart so I'm taking his last name."

couple potrati picture


"I found the one whom my soul loves."

capture by rajesh digital

"All of my smiles start with you"

indian groom

indian bride


We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead! -Team Rajesh Digital