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     What is a Hen Night?     


A HEN NIGHT is a party which is held for a woman who is about to get married. A hen party is held before the wedding, it's a full night girl's party. A hen party is exclusive for only women like the stag party ( Bachelorette party) is for men. Why should boys have all the fun? This is the time when girls broke all the stereotypes boundaries. These days hen party is very popular in India, it becomes a trend right?! A hen party is all about fun and naughtiness. In a hen party, girls play a lot of funny games and enjoy themselves with besties because this is the last singlehood for the bride. We are giving you the most fun & naughty games ideas for your unforgettable hen party :

  Never I Have Ever Game: Hen night is a time when you know about any secret of your bestie. You can ask any questions you want to know about her like.

Never I Have Ever...............

Never I Have Ever...............

Never I Have Ever...............

 Drink if Game: This is another ideal game for your boozy amigos! This game is a great deal like 'Never Have I Ever' however with a wind. One individual needs to peruse a sentence like 'Drink if you have ever constructed out with an outsider' or 'Drink on the off chance that you are wearing a neckband', and so on. Give your wild personalities a chance to run and be prepared to know the dankest insider facts of your family. 

 How well you know each other or Bride: It is alone rangers gathering and you make the lady of the hour to-be feel uncommon! Also, what superior to anything playing 'How well do you know the lady of the hour'? A rundown of inquiries imprinted on a paper is given over to the bridesmaids. You can either pose tolerable inquiries or go zesty. Submit a general direction to the pictures underneath.

 Confession of a hen party: Each hen writes down a secret or fact about herself that no one in the group knows. The pieces of paper are placed in a small bag or hat. The hens at that point take it in goes to haul out admission and read it for all to hear, at that point attempt to figure out whose admission they're holding. If they surmise effectively they get chocolate. If they surmise wrong, they should pay a relinquish or take a beverage.