Cover for Our 'Hawaa Hawaai' Bride Who Rolled Over Hearts On Social Media

Our 'Hawaa Hawaai' Bride Who Rolled Over Hearts On Social Media

Meet our lovely couple Megha and Mayank

Two strangers Megha and Mayank met each other for the first time in the pious lanes of Vrindavan. The place which already is popular for the land of Gods. If god's pair could be made from there, then why not theirs! It was love at first sight for Mayank and he rightly said: "He lost his heart in Vrindavan". But Megha did not want to give in so easy so they decided to be friends first, got to know each other well, hanged out together, discovered ample of common interests, both being big foodies went to lots of lunch dates together and eventually, cupid hit them both and they fell in love.
They dated for 6 years and celebrated their love all these years and the relationship grew stronger and mature by the time.
With years passing by they were sure to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Despite the apprehensions of an inter-caste marriage and the challenges ahead, they decided to take the leap. Megha and Mayank who started off being friends had decided to be husband and wife.

Pre-Wedding Shoot 

This couple was the most excited about their pre wedding shoot. They looked forward to it with utmost zeal and wanted to portray their story through the shoot. Hence they decided to get it done in Vrindavan as they first met in Vrindavan. Half of the pre-wedding was shot in Vrindavan and those gorgeous pictures speak a hundred emotions. They had their dream shoot with those enthralling pictures shot in the rustic background of Vrindavan on the banks of river Yamuna. They both were camera shy but our team helped them very well to overcome their hesitation.

The second part of their pre-wedding was shot in Landour near Mussoorie for their common interest for travel and hills. During the chilly December winters, Megha flaunted Georgette gown in the minus temperature and managed to look flawless due to the sheer efforts put in by our team.

pre wedding photography

pre wedding photography

capture by rajesh digital

shoot by rajesh digital

rajesh digital

Sagan Ceremony

Mayank and Megha got engaged on 10 March and it was no less than a dream come true for both of them. Megha wore a light shade lehenga by Roop Vatika in which she looked absolutely gorgeous and on the other side Mayank wore a tuxedo by Musk Studio. Both the families enjoyed it together. Our couple did a special dance which enchanted the crowd very much. With the blessings and support of their families, they lived their dream and ecstatic to exchange the rings.

Wedding from MEGHA & MAYANK by Rajesh digital


couple dance capture

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi Ceremony of Megha and Mayank was not less than the musical night. Megha wore the yellow dress along with floral jewellery which charmed her look. One of the unique things in their ceremony was Megha's brother sang some special songs for Megha like 'Pholon ka taro ka sabka kehena hai' etc which made the bride too emotional in fact everyone got emotional while listening to the songs by his brother. 

mehendi photography

mehendi photoshoot

rajesh digital's couple

Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the most important day in everybody's life. The venue for the wedding was Zeenat Motel and Resort. Their wedding had a huge gathering of guests. The venue had an elegant decoration including a large capacity of the hall. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent lehenga from Indu Fashions along with perfect jewellery by CJ's, Kamla Nagar, Delhi on the other side, the groom wore Sherwani. Megha's make up was done by the Ratul. While having makeup shots Rajesh Digital's team unannouncedly thought with the idea of doing a lip dub video of Megha, spontaneously and they had never discussed anything about it before. Our bride Megha said that "I was pretty nervous to do it initially but your team transformed a camera-shy bride into an "Instagram viral HAWA HAWAI BRIDE".  

indian bride

Wedding from by Rajesh digital

Wedding by Rajesh digital

veil photoshoot

rajesh digital;s bride

indian couple

Wedding from MEGHA & MAYANK by Rajesh digital


Megha and Mayank's teaser

We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger every passing year. We wish Megha and Mayank a Happy Married life ahead. - Team Rajesh Digital