Cover for  Forever Bond : From Friends to Soulmate

Forever Bond : From Friends to Soulmate

Meet our lovely couple Kritika & Saurabh

"Couples who are different from each other are often attracted to each other"

Kritika and Saurabh's love story started in the office. It was Kritika’s first day when she first saw him. Though it was not love at first sight. Saurabh's opposite nature, while she being the noisy and the mischievous one attracted her towards him. As it is always said that opposites attracts each other. They used to spend time together in the office but did not realize then, that they were meant to be together. Soon after, Saurabh changed his company and each other’s absence made them realize that they miss each other. Few months of talking and chatting made them realize that it wasn't just a casual conversation between them, but something special and meaningful. Every word between them sparked a flame of romance which made them realize that they were meant for each other so they started dating in 2017. They loved spending time together. Soon after, Saurabh's parents were after him to get married, she was not ready then. Before they could decide anything on the next step, Saurabh got a project and he went out of India for work. Making long-distance work was the toughest part of their relationship, but they embraced it beautifully and as its said, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Their wait to spend the rest of their lives together finally ended, when he returned in Oct 2019 to get married. But that again couldn’t happen then, due to the COVID pandemic and they had to wait some more before happily ever after could happen. Finally, after so many hustles and a relationship of about 5 years, they got married on 14th Feb. A day they thought was suitable to celebrate their love for each other.

From friends to love birds and now husband and wife, scroll down for the gorgeous wedding celebrations of #SaurikaTieTheKnot

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Kritika and Saurabh's wedding celebrations started with the pre-wedding shoot. Their pre-wedding shoot was held in the beautiful location 'Tikli Bottom'. Kritika and Saurabh wore different attires in the shoot. Their entire shoot was really amazing and we loved capturing their shoot.



Kritika and Saurabh's pre-wedding video.

Engagement Ceremony

Kritika & Saurabh's engagement ritual took place in The pllazio hotel. Kritika wore the gorgeous outfit by Odhni whereas Saurabh wore a tuxedo by Amaare. Both of them looked completely adorable. Kritika's subtle makeup was done by the renowned makeup artist Parul Garg. Our couple's special dance performance enthralled the crowd. All the friends & cousins rocked the dance floor together. Indeed their ceremony was fully overloaded with fun & happiness and electrifying dance performances.




Have a Sneak Peek at Kritika's Mehendi and Haldi ceremony




Wedding Ceremony

Their wedding was held at The Prism Ballroom. The venue was decorated very beautifully. Kritika wore the lehenga by Yamini fashions  & looked extremely gorgeous and on the other side, Saurabh looked dapper in the Sherwani by Manyavar. Her makeup was done by the makeup artist Parul Garg. Their wedding ceremony was full of traditions and emotions. Everybody who came to the wedding gave them Best Wishes for their upcoming life. 

Venue :- The prism ballroom is the perfect & top destination for the wedding. Due to its well-connected location, it is easily accessible for everyone. Their service and team are the best. Their excellent team of caterers served delicacies in both veg and non-veg variants. Indeed one can choose this place for any occasion.

Photographer's saying: The team went to the venue at the time. When the team, reached the venue. The Prism team sanitized each and every piece of equipment they carried. Till the time the couple and the guests had not arrived, the photographers captured the venue beautifully. Upon the arrival of the guests and family, their pictured were clicked. When it came to the couple's shoot, the photographer had a slight problem because the guests were coming in between to meet the couple. At some point, due to low light or somewhere heavy lighting, they had a bit of difficulty in clicking the perfect angle. But the couple was very cooperative as well as supportive with the team. The couple did all the poses exactly as explained without any hesitation. Indeed the photographers had the lot of fun in capturing Kritka and Saurabh's wedding.

Couple's Saying: We loved the team too much. We cannot put together in words, how exceptionally good the team Rajesh Digital has. After booking Rajesh Digital, this was the only part of my wedding that we had literally no tension about. We knew we were in the best hands. The team that did my pre-wedding shoot to the ones that covered my wedding festivities. They all were thoroughly professional and exceptionally talented. Getting pictures clicked was a whole new fun-loving experience, they did it so naturally that we were so comfortable during the whole thing. My whole family and my friends everyone loved the team and their work. The pictures and the same-day edit has done totally justice to the fun we were having. Looking at the pictures and the same day edit video each one of us lived the moments yet again. Thank You so much Guys and we really can’t wait to work with them again in the future. Great work Guys!!

Bride shoot

couple shoot

couple photography

couple picture

Same day edit video of Kritika & Saurabh

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Kritika & Saurabh. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newlyweds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital

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