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Floral Jewellery Trends To Watch Out In 2020

Forget clinging to gold and silver, try the trending floral jewellery for this wedding season. Floral jewellery becomes an integral part of Indian Wedding. Every bride wants to adore herself with unique Floral Jewellery to match their outfits to look appealing on her special day. Every bride-to-be has fashionista side and wants to rule the wedding industry. The floral jewellery made of fresh flowers or with artificial flowers, it depends on your choice which one you like. Roses, orchids, carnations, tuberose (rajnigandha) and jasmine flowers are some of the most popular types of flowers used for making floral jewellery. The bride wears floral jewellery on their Mehndi ceremony

Floral jewellery comes in a wide variety of styles and you can get whatever you want but, the usual set includes a pair of earrings, necklace, maang tikka, bracelet and anklets. If you want to take your Mehndi look to the next level you can add a bajuband, haathphool or a kamarband, you can always ask for it from your jewellery provider. If you want to be creative and different, you can even go for a floral dupatta. Well, if you too are planning to wear the refreshing floral jewellery on any of your wedding functions, then here are a few floral jewellery trends to watch out in 2020!

1. How Can Our Heart Not Flatter On This Floral Nath?

Mumbai Wedding from BHAVI & JAINAM by Rajesh digital

Floral Nath looks so beautiful. It will add a trendy look to your Mehndi ceremony. Our lovely bride Bhavi glorified her Mehndi look in white floral jewellery. If you think floral jewellery will not last for the entire function, then put your fears to rest. Floral jewellery will last throughout the day without fading, even in the summer season. In fact, if you keep it under refrigeration, it will survive for about three days.

Mumbai Wedding from BHAVI & JAINAM by Rajesh digital

2. Floral Kaleera's Might Be Your First Choice

Our beautiful bride Sritima wore a full set of jewellery including kaleera. For the mehndi ceremony, Sritima wore a stunning green sharara with a pink hint and she completed her look with pink floral jewellery. These days, the brides also like to wear kaleera on their special day.

trending floral jewellery designs for bride

3. Floral Neckpiece & Jhumka With Sahara

How can we forget to add this Beautiful Blogger's floral jewellery? Ishleen wore a White and pink floral jewellery and the highlight was her Sahara Jhumka. These days floral jewellery becomes a tradition with a twist.

4. Combined Floral Jewellery & Gold Jewellery

If you are a gold fan you can also add a piece of gold jewellery in your floral jewellery. Your jewellery should match outfit as it will complete your mehndi look. Most designers will insist on meeting the bride to discuss or see the colour of her outfit so that they can find out the flowers that will match it.

5. Different- Different Types Of Haath Phool

Different- different designs are available in the market, you can customize your floral jewellery according to your choice. you can buy artificial flower jewellery online & in stores like a pro. Whether you’re into pretty pastels or solid yellow and green they have pretty much everything covered that a girl could possibly want.

6. Floral Choker 

The floral neckpiece is the latest trend in Mehendi ceremony and without the floral choker, your mehndi look will be incomplete. Floral neckpieces are available in various designs and you can choose it according to your outfit. 

7. The Beautiful Passa

It is also known as a jhumar or a side tikka, the Mughal era originated passas are almost every kinda bride’s favourite and passas is also available in floral jewellery. 

8. Floral Bajuband 

Bajuband is a very popular ornament in Indian jewellery, this is great for wearing to weddings as the bride. This bride beautifully adorned her hands with a haath phool and studded Bajuband to amp up her mehndi day look.

9. Floral Maang Tikka

Floral Maang tikkas are one of the most prominent jewellery elements that you'll don and so choosing the best should be a priority. It is available in all possible colours to match perfectly with your outfits.


10. Floral Anklet

Wedding from MEGHA & MAYANK by Rajesh digital

So, take a break from the usual gold, diamond, platinum, or any other metallic jewellery, and try the floral jewellery for your wedding. Trust us, you would not exclusively be the most upscale bride of this season, but also be a trendsetter.