Cover for First Meeting of  Rachit & Garima  that Turned Into Lifetime Partners

First meeting of Rachit & Garima that turned into lifetime partners

Meet Our Lovely Couple Rachit and Garima #RaGa

Rachit and Garima had love cum arrange marriage, where their meeting was completely fixed by their Parents. Rachit is a Businessman whereas Garima works in a Digital Agency. They both met for the very first time in November, through their parents. Garima had never met any boy in her entire life rachit was the very first boy in her life whom she met and vice versa for rachit. The day when both of them met they felt truly comfortable with one another.  By the grace and blessings of God, their parents planned a Roka ceremony for them. Both were very happy with this decision and both got engaged two months after their first meeting. But after that, they did not want to get married immediately because they both wanted some time in their lives to get to know each other very well as other couples do. Courtship time is good for the relationship of those couples who want to start their life together because during this time, two people get to know each other well, spend time with each other, and date together as like our couple Rachit and Garima. On the off chance that two hearts are intended to be together, at that point, regardless of how long it takes, how far they are or how extreme it appears, destiny will unite them, regardless of what. And that occurred in this perfectly ecstatic story of Rachit and Garima. After one year of courtship time, they both decided to get married. Both of the families were very happy with the decision and they all were excited about their wedding.

“First meeting of a couple requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Pre-Wedding Shoot 

Their wedding celebrations started with a Pre-wedding Shoot, which is a great way for every new couple to enter a new phase of life. Their Pre-wedding shoot location was Dubai. Actually, Rachit has a business in Dubai so they both decided to choose a location that was suitable for both of them. So they decided their shoot in Dubai. In their Pre-wedding shoot, both of them looked completely adorable and dazzling


Sagan Ceremony

Rachit and Garima exchanged the rings at the Eros Delhi. The Sagan Ceremony corridor was adorned with various kinds of lighting and blossoms which were mesmerized to all individuals. Rachit looked dapper in his Formal look whereas Garima wore a Golden color Lehenga which made her look so elegant. Garima's makeup was done by the makeup artist Monika Chopra. Rachit gave a surprise electrifying dance performance for Garima. The performance of the famous singer Milind Gaba changed the whole atmosphere of the ceremony, and seeing his performance, nobody couldn't prevent himself from moving and delight.

Cocktail Ceremony  

Rachit and Garima's cocktail ceremony was based on the Western Theme. In a cocktail party, Rachit looked dapper in Tuxedo whereas Garima wore the shiny bright color Gown in which she looked like a princess. Garima makeup was done by makeup artist Akriti Saxena. We all know that a cocktail party is deficient without music, so to complete that nonappearance, a notable artist "A.J.Singh" was likewise present there who was additionally  Rachit's friend, who fulfilled craziness in the whole crowd by his performances. Their ceremony included lots of talented artists like - belly dancers, models &, etc. Everybody moved together and made the atmosphere glad and outperforming.

Look at Their Big Smile 

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Wedding Ceremony 

"Wishing you joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together."

The venue of Rachit and Garima's wedding was at Amarai's Farm. Garima wore the elegant lehenga on the other side of Rachit wore the Sherwani. Garima's wedding makeup was done by Yashika makeup artist. Their wedding ceremony was definitely not less than a Royal Wedding. She wore her family jewellery at the wedding. Their wedding ceremony was filled with extraordinary joy and musical function. Everyone enjoyed the wedding function and did full-on Masti.

Rachit and Garima's Pre-wedding Shoot 

Rachit and Garima's Wedding Teaser 

We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Rachit and Garima. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish the newly-weds a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital