Cover for Power-Packed Wedding of Farhan & Gunjan || Witness the Celebration Of Love

Power-Packed Wedding of Farhan & Gunjan || Witness the Celebration Of Love

Inter-caste marriage is an issue of conflict in our society but Farhan and Gunjan's marriage will change the perception of inter-caste marriage in India. Like we always heard 'Miyan biwi raazi toh kya karega kaazi'. Love is all about friendship, trust, compatibility, and respect for another person. When a person fell for someone then he or she feels complete. We have always heard that 'Relationships are made in heaven' so if you are meant to be together, regardless of how hard it would seem that and is; you will end up in every other's arm with or against the world. love has the strength and it gives you the strength to fight for your love.

we celebrate every aspect of love and happiness of life through our photography. Farhan and Gunjan break all the stereotypes thoughts of our society. Farhan & Gunjan loves travelling, they love to explore new-new places. Both of them look so happy on their special day, both are a fun-loving person, they did a wedding lip dub. In the wedding video Farhan Express his love for Gunjan. We had the most amazing time capturing this super fun couple Gunjan and Farhan.  

Farhan and Gunjan's story began over travelling. When I asked Gunjan about their first-ever meeting she said "Guiding a nearly fresh out of the box new Jeep, I made a beeline for the mountains of Hatta on an excursion along the lakes. In the lap of these rugged mountains, ignoring the tranquil dam, this shocking Jeep grabbed the eye of a youthful attractive man. The running legend set his eyes first on the beguiling Jeep and afterwards me (fortunately)! From that point forward, the wonderful trio went on numerous undertakings – to energizing spots, fun races, and numerous lovely spaces! Our experience remainder has likewise developed and we are currently taking this outing of a lifetime together."


The best thing about inter-caste marriage is that the marriage celebration gets double. Marriage is not between the couples it is also between the families and society. Farhan and Gunjan did both sides rituals, they married both Hindu and Muslim customs.



Farhan and Gunjan's wedding look is so amazing and unique. They wore a colour-coordinated wedding dress, on their Hindu custom wedding Farhan wore turquoise colour Sherwani, brown colour dhoti with floral safa and Gunjan wore cream colour lehenga with turquoise colour embroidery, dupatta was the turquoise colour. 


On Muslim custom wedding Farhan and Gunjan wore traditional Muslim wedding dresses and accessories. They look stunning on their special day.


             The varmala war never becomes passé!


            Bride squad  



  Lip Dub Video


  Wedding Teaser Of Farhan & Gunjan


We had the most amazing time capturing this super fun couple,We wish the newly-weds a happy married life ahead!