Cover for Engagement Ceremony where bride gave an electrifying performance

Engagement Ceremony - Where bride gave an electrifying performance

Meet our Wonderful couple Ananya and Prakhar

Ananya is Senior Counselor at Amity University whereas Prakhar is Mechanical Engineer. Prakhar and Ananya's dads were Best Friends as they worked in a similar office. The two of them knew each other since childhood, even Prakhar went to Ananya's first birthday celebration party as well. From that point forward, Both of them first talked through Social Media when they were in there bachelor's colleges. The two of them had pursued their Graduation from various different areas like Ananya was doing from Delhi while Prakhar from Vellore. So they were in Long Distance Relationship Basically. Around then they were not so clear about their relationship. They were simply great friends. In the wake of talking, they both understood that they started liking each other. Along with love in their lives, they had fought too. In their journey, there were ups and downs also. The quarrels in their love made the relationship stronger. After that Prakhar and Ananya’s parents happily accepted their relation. They were very happy with their decision.

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'' No one can ever break the bond between two people who love one another.”

Ananya and Prakhar's Engagement Ceremony began with bunches of fun and happiness. Prakhar and Ananya exchanged the rings at Red K Velvet. The venue was perfectly embellished. Ananya wore a light shade outfit that looked totally stunning as her though Prakhar wore traditional attire. Ananya's makeup was done by the makeup artist Guneet Virdi. Both of them looked perfect on the day of Engagement. Ananya's sparkly jewelry coordinated with the outfit. The most interesting thing was that their family started the preparation for the ceremony a month before. All the family members of both sides were so happy that everyone prepared a dance for them. Everyone created a festive atmosphere on their Engagement. Ananya gave dance performance which was fascinated and liked by everyone. We can say that everyone had fun fiercely. Ananya and Prakhar's dance moves execution charmed the group unquestionably. Everyone appreciated the function and had a huge amount of fun together.

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