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Don't Postpone Photoshoot Due To COVID – 19, Try A FaceTime Photoshoot With Us!

The world may have stopped because of the COVID – 19 pandemics but it is a great time to think out of the box, especially in wedding photography. Due to the current lockdown on account of the coronavirus outbreak, many pre-wedding or programs for the couple's photoshoot have been canceled. However, we found a creative way to strengthen bonds and capture couples at their best with a photoshoot using FaceTime.

Raunaq and Jatin

pre wedding photoshoot in covid 19

Raunaq and Jatin live in Calgary, Canada and we shoot their post-wedding photoshoot using Face Time. We have also covered their wedding recently and when we suggested shooting some pictures on FaceTime, they weren’t sure about where to start and they feel a little awkward. However, we explained the whole process to them and was very clear with our instructions and then moved on to figuring out the best angles on our iPhone. Talking about the outfits, they chose three different dresses with a nice contrast for their online photoshoot. 

indoor pre wedding photoshoot in lockdown

indoor pre wedding shoot

Abhishek & Pooja 

how to pre wedding shoot in lockdown

Our second Facetime shoots with our energetic couple Abhishek and Pooja. They were amused and super excited by the idea. We had so much fun connecting with them again and capturing their post-wedding love moments via Facetime. Abhishek says, "It was a fun activity. Kudos to this creative idea. Never thought of anything like a Facetime shoot. Apple should officially promote this product of yours...LOL."

indoor pre wedding photoshoot by rajesh digital

best pre wedding photoshoot indoor

Gaurav & Chetna 

pre wedding photoshoot in pendemic corona virus

We also shoot Gaurav and Chetna's post-wedding via facetime. This is a new experience for us and for the Couples as well. Chetna shares her experience and says, "COVID-19 can only hold us locked but not our innovative ideas! Holding a FaceTime Photoshoot is a unique way of gathering memories of these crazy times. Many thanks to Rajesh Digital for making this possible."

indoor photoshoot with rajesh digital in lockdown

best pre wedding photoshoot in delhi

Don't Postpone Photoshoot Due To COVID – 19, Try A FaceTime Photoshoot With Us!

FaceTime photo shoot is a rare opportunity for us to challenge our creativity by making interesting use of limited spaces. But, there are a few essentials points that a couple must get right to make every picture count.

Have a good Wi-Fi connection- A high-speed internet connection is an essential part of FaceTime photoshoot and it ensures blur-free images and a smooth channel of communication with your photographer.

Find the best hour at your home- Raunaq & Jatin are in Canada so it's a time difference when we shoot, it was 5 pm in Canada and 6 am in India. Between 4 to 5 pm, the sun shines the brightest and it is the best time for the shoot. We make full use of this precious period to take striking sunlit pictures.

Choose the best angles- It's important to choose the best angle and as a photographer, we know how to play with angle.

 Be ready with a backdrop- Decide and arrange your favorite spots at home before you go online. Also, don’t forget to ask inputs from your photographer well in advance as she/he can suggest photo opportunity spots that may have missed your radar.

Choose a picture-perfect pose- Choose a perfect pose or go with candid. Have fun and we capture you in the best way.