Cover for Distance never matters when love is true just like Palak and Deepak

Distance never matters when love is true just like Palak and Deepak

Meet Our Lovely Couple Palak & Deepak

Deepak is a Senior ALM Analyst in UK whereas Palak is Financial Auditor in India. It was at Deepak’s cousin’s wedding in October 2018 in Delhi where Deepak met Palak’s mum and dad for the first time. Their mothers knew each other and met at the wedding after 21 years. Deepak’s mum mentioned Palak in a conversation and that is how he got her number. He was actually in Jaipur being a tourist when he first messaged Palak and the conversation started from there.
The conversation kicked off from the beginning and deep down inside they both knew there was an instant connection. They were unable to meet before Deepak headed back to the UK but the conversations became more frequent.
A few months after talking, they decided to meet each other for the first time and went away to Kerala for a week to get to know each other better. It was during that trip when it was love at first sight and that is when they informed their parents of the decision.

Sagan Ceremony

The Sagan happened in April 2019, a few months after meeting each other. Prior to April, the planning had started and there were daily video conferences between the families planning every little detail. There was a moment of panic a few days before travelling to India for the Sagan Ceremony when Jet airways collapsed and Deepak and his family’s tickets got cancelled. They were supposed to arrive 2 days before the Sagan but because there were limited tickets available they arrived in India on the day of the Sagan itself. The Sagan event was held in the evening at Hotel Delite Grand, Faridabad. There was a gathering of over 100 people with wider families present. The Bride and Groom looked stunning with matching outfits with Palak’s outfit designed and tailored by Shikha from D’Panache.

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Mehendi Ceremony

The couple had their Mehandi ceremony together, which was an indoor-intimate event at Hotel Delite with immediate family and friends. The bride and groom decided to wear yellow. There was music, food, and even games that were played during the event so everyone had a blast. Both the bride and the groom had Mehendi on with the unique hashtag #WatevaWateva. One of the special moments of this event was when the Indian national anthem was played and everyone stood hand on heart signing away. A beautiful moment to cherish.

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mehendi photography

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Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet was one of the main events also held at Hotel Delite. It was full-on party mode. There were over 100 guests with different professional artists called up like singers, Jago dancers, dhol players and followed by choreographed dance performances by family and friends. It was a very lively event and for most of the night, the dance floor was the place to be. To add a unique touch to the event, Antakshari was also played and there was a mixture of Hindi, Punjabi, and English songs sung by family and friends. There were very unique and intimate decorations designed and created by the groom’s sister with the official wedding hashtag sign that was present behind the dance floor for all to see. At one point the bride was dancing balancing a whiskey glass on her head with the groom – the new aged bride! The groom wore an achkan designed by Options and the bride wore a very unique outfit designed by Shikha from D’Panache.

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Haldi and Choora

The couple decided to have a combined Haldi and choora ceremony, which was during the morning of the wedding. This was a smaller gathering of just intimate family and friend members. The pandit was there to perform the rituals and Palak had her Choora put on, Palak’s mum designed and stitched the customized choora cover herself for her daughter. All family and friends took it to turn by turn to apply haldi to both Deepak and Palak and Deepak’s cousins and friends ripped off his top to put it all over his body as well.

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Wedding Ceremony

The wedding was held at Hotel Delite Grand, Faridabad. Deepak as he always wanted to, arrived on a horse with his Baarat wearing a sherwani with matching Joothis. The bride arrived in her tailor-made modern bespoke lehenga under a very unique Phoolo ki chadar with a modern twist - Umbrella and a long trail handmade and decorated by the bride’s mother herself. The Hindu marriage took place as well as the exchanging of the Rings. The traditional hiding of the Grooms shoes turned into a long-lasting modern fiesta where the groom's side was prepared from the minute to go. The best thing was the minutest detail of the décor of the wedding and the pre-wedding functions were taken care of by the Groom's sister which were made and brought to India from the UK.

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We had the most amazing time capturing this wonderful couple Palak and Deepak. May your love become more grounded each and every passing year. We wish them a Happy Married life ahead!- Team Rajesh Digital