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"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”—When Harry Met Sally

A wedding is a lifelong memory that anyone can cherish for a lifetime. For having an exquisite and exotic experience, modern couples in Delhi are swooning over the idea of a destination wedding. Destination weddings are ushering this process of getting married for couples in Delhi.

A Premium Destination wedding includes lots of things like marriage palace, venues, guests, the destination for capturing pictures and most importantly a destination wedding photographer who can clicks some extravagant photos of your destination wedding and turn it into a lifetime memory.

A destination wedding photography is associate art that will surely boost the sweetness and charm of the wedding event. It’s all about creating memories. Hence, the destination wedding photographer plays an extremely important role in a wedding.

‘Rajesh Digital’ is one of the premium destination wedding photographers in Delhi. We are a crazy and fun team of creative, Lens & Trigger and professional destination wedding photographers in Delhi. We are ardors destination wedding photographers in Delhi who are passionate about wedding photography, romance, traditional, festive and destination wedding.

We aim to capture honest emotions and interactions that are precious moments between loved ones. A photograph brings many things together- love, promise, memory, passion, and joy. Rajesh Digital understands the importance of these wedding photos. So, we always try to make those clicks priceless and timeless.

Our wedding photography style described as the perfect blend of modern and traditional with vintage aesthetics. We prefer to let the events of the day unfold naturally and just be prepared to capture them. We are experts in creating a perfect storyline in motions of your sweet love story. This is what makes us the best destination wedding photographer in Delhi.