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Cross-Cultural Or Fusion Wedding || Rajesh Digital


A cross-cultural wedding is a fusion of two cultures. Love has no boundaries. If you love someone's Culture, religion, color is doesn't matter, only one thing matters and that is 'LOVE'. Everything in this universe becomes beautiful when you fall in love.  A cross-cultural wedding has its own benefits, the wedding celebration gets double, you will know each other's culture very well, etc. In Rajesh Digital we shot lots of cross-culture weddings, and every wedding has its own story. Here, is some beautiful story of our fusion wedding:

Jone & Isha

Jone & Isha wanted to get married in Rajasthan in a proper traditional way. So they choose Trident Udaipur for the venue. It was one of the best places in Rajasthan to get married. It was a really colorful wedding. We could see on their faces that both the families were having the time of their lives. Everyone was so happy to see Jone & Isha tying the knot. Even though Jone and his family didn't know much about Indian wedding traditions, they participated in them with full dedication. Jone was very excited to wear his sherwani and made sure we captured the moment when wore it on the wedding day.

Sarita & Jake

Sarita and Jake are our beautiful love birds. Sarita and Jake did their wedding in Christian and in Hindu customs as well. They look super amazing on their special day. Everyone is excited about the wedding especially Jake was so excited about the Hindu custom wedding. They have a fun time in India we can see in photos.





Divykriti & Guida 

Divykriti & Guida's wedding was according to Hindu customs. Even though Guida is not Indian but, he performs all the rituals which had at a Hindu wedding. The whole family had the most fun time at the wedding. Divykriti & Guida look so beautiful in their traditional Indian wedding attire. The groom's side family looks so gorgeous in Indian attire.




Evan & Niharika 

Togetherness has its own language and that language is love. We shot another fusion wedding of Evan and Niharika. We shot their pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding. Evan & niharika did their pre-wedding in the Golf coast on the golf cart. They look super adorable on their special day.




Sukriti & Darrryl

We love those couples who go that extra mile to color complement their partners and pose for sassy out-of-league pictures and Sukriti & Darryl are those couples. They are 'made in heaven couple'. There poses are so beautiful look at their photos below: