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How Coronavirus Hitting The Wedding Industry?


Some couples are cautiously stepping forward, while others are forced to delay their wedding for now!

Coronavirus shakes stock markets globally and the wedding industry is not untouched by this. From Venues to photography to hospitality and wedding planners a lot of industries relying on having a successful wedding season this year. Weddings are increasingly being cancelled because of coronavirus. Small marriage boutiques and online retailers, which keep a couple of dresses close by, have been hit the hardest by creation and transportation delays. The World Health Organization declares Coronavirus as a global pandemic. It’s not just the bridal couple but also the guests who are more apprehensive about safety. 

Destination Wedding: These days, Destination wedding being cancelled because of countries are not issuing VISA. In the rising fear of being infected by attending large gatherings, people are avoiding potential risk to travel, staying inside (at every possible opportunity) and limiting themselves however as much as possible from attending functions that are not absolutely essential. 

City Wedding: City weddings are also affected by the Coronavirus. Guests are fear to attend a large gathering and also they try to avoid travelling. Government is also issuing an advisory related to the wedding.

NRI Wedding: The couple who wants to get married in India, they do not get a visa for India, all the tourist visas to India suspended. If a person gets the visa the process is time-consuming. They are kept in the isolation ward for 14 days. Govt restricts travel of Indian passport holders with immediate effect.

Fear In Service Provider's MindIn hosting an event in the rising infection, everyone hesitates. Hotel bookings are also being cancelled as the couple postpone the wedding. But, we don't have to be panic, everyone needs to work together and take their own precautions and be responsible. The wedding vendors need to ensure that all their staff are medically assured that they are healthy and sound and safe from the infection. All vendors and staff working on the events should be encouraged to wear masks and keep their hands clean and sanitized at all times. They should also ensure the venues and hotel rooms are being properly sanitized according to the World Health Organization guidelines.

The couple loses their Money: Not only the wedding vendors couple are also affected by the virus. When weddings get cancelled, the couple can also lose money. The majority of those costs go towards venues. In the case of destination weddings, the cancellation would mean the couple lose money. 

We don't have to be panic Coronavirus is curable, In Kerala, some COVID-19 positive patients are now discharged from the hospital and they live normally. We just have to take all precautionary measures, prevention is better than cure. And, the most important thing is to ignore rumours. 

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver".

                                                                                                                   -Mahatma Gandhi