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Stunning Close Ups Poses For Wedding Photoshoot

If you are a couple looking for wedding photoshoot ideas then you have come to the right place. For a wedding album, good close up poses are important as they can really do wonders. Also, one can use such shots to upload on social media. 

Now during the wedding, it can be a little difficult to stop and try different poses every time a camera points at you. But you can surely do that when you are better prepared with a bunch of poses in your head. 

Also, you need to work on your posture a little. Keeping your back straight during the photoshoot can reflect confidence. Now let’s come to the poses. There are a number of stunning close-ups poses that you can try during your wedding photoshoot. 

Close-up poses for wedding photoshoot

 1. The Mehendi Reveal-

The Mehendi design reveal shots are stunning and are generally captured through a tight frame. If you are looking for a closeup shot then you can try this one. You don’t have to do too much to get the perfect shot. You just need to show your hands by putting them in front of your face. Try not to cover your entire face while doing so. 

Close Ups Poses For Wedding Photoshoot


2. Getting Ready Shot-

Getting ready shots are becoming rather popular because of the story and emotions they hold within themselves. Getting ready is the time right before the marriage and during that time, there’s a flood of emotions that go through your head. 

So, if you want to show your A-game, go for the getting ready shots. They are in right now and you can easily get them captured. You can try to pose with your wedding dress while wearing something casual. 

Wedding Photoshoot


3. Looking over the shoulder-

This one is a pretty good close-up shot idea and easy too. For this, you have to look over your shoulder and smile. Now you have to find the right side to look as the pose can also make you look uncomfortable if you bend your neck a little too much. 

bridal portrait


4. Creative Shots-

You can try some creative shots like the ones shown in the picture. Such shots turn out great when done in the right lighting with the use of good props. Creative shots can be used to post on your social media and you can also frame them on your wall due to their brilliance. This is a stunning close-up pose idea for wedding photoshoots. 

best creative photoshoot


5. Candid Shot-

This is one of those shots where your pose is rather a natural one. You don’t have to do it intentionally. Just a natural laugh or a hint of emotion can do the work. So try to be in the moments as much as you can for some candid close up shots. 

candid close up photoshoot

These were some of the ideas that you can use for your close-up wedding photoshoot. Now, if you want the best photographer to capture these photos then you can book your photoshoot with Rajesh Digital. We are among the most experienced photographers in the industry as we have shot over a thousand couples in the past 60 years. We can click some amazing closeup shots that you will really like. So, if you are looking for the best wedding photographer, book your photoshoot with Rajesh digital.