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Changed Era of Indian Wedding Photography Industry

Indian Wedding Photography

A wedding is the most important day in everybody's life. A wedding is a ceremony where two people and the families get united with each other. In Indian weddings, there are many ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, Engagement, etc. All ceremonies mark life's essential moments. Photography plays an important role because it captures so much value to our lives. It records our special events, people, and places.
In today's era, the role of the photographer is not to click images but to capture the beautiful memories, moments, and special days of the people which they will cherish in their whole life. There are many types of Indian Wedding Photography like Hindu wedding, Christian, Sikh, Muslims, etc. We can definitely say that the evolution of photography has changed a lot.

Changing trends of Wedding Photography:-

1- Lack of Knowledge

We know that the Trend of Wedding Photography is changing now than in the 80s and mid-90s. Earlier it does not matter how the photographer is clicking images or about poses or any other shoot. The only thing was just they wanted to have a picture that's it. But now everyone wants to have different- different types of shoots, poses, and the videos as well. For that everyone needs a very good Photographer who has Unique skills and a good quality camera. Earlier there was no concept of pre wedding shoot in delhi but now people travel miles away for the shoot as well as for the destination wedding too!

2-Availability of High technology Cameras and Techniques

Earlier photographers didn't have high technology cameras like now. Also, they didn't have the necessary equipment and tools which were needed for the perfect shot. Now billions of people around the globe have a Digital Camera. Digital Cameras have moved from heavy boxes to portable ones. The artistic lens are also changeable. Digital cameras are getting better color and low-light performance options, as well as better zoom capabilities with stronger lenses due to the introduction of high tech digital cameras and lens it helps photographers to take the best and wonderful shots.

3-  Different Sections of photography

Earlier people used to have simple shots. There were no candid photography, No Pre-wedding shoot nor the lip dubs, etc. But now photography has divided into various parts like Drone Shoot, Pre-Wedding Shoot, Veil Shoot, Haldi Shoot, Parlor shoot, Portrait shoot, etc. Photographers now are able to create a masterpiece from a simple shot. Professional wedding photographers come up with innovative ideas to freeze each and every moment of your special day. Photographers now have become more creative now. They know how to put four moons in a picture.

4- Quality Preferred Over Money

Earlier in the times of our grandparent's people don't like spending too much money on photography. All they want is a simple picture. They did not have any high expectations from the photographer. Then the quality of photography was also very different from now. But now people are spending lots of money on their shoot just because of their Quality. Because there are many shoots so the photographer also needs to cover the cost of equipment, tools, etc. People have so many expectations now. People also save money before fixing the marriage so that they can have a Best Shoot with good quality images and they don't regret later.

5- Competition in wedding Photography

Earlier there were only limited photographers. Now that there are numerous photographers and studios with different types of their Prices and the techniques. This means the competition gets too high. People now have to choose the best for their events. One of the most difficult tasks is how to choose a photographer? Will he able to fulfill my requirements? Will I able to get a perfect album? etc. These are the questions that arise in the couple's mind. Now it's a task for them to choose the best. They can take help from the internet or from social media too. In the end, what really matters the most to the client is the quality of work and the value of their hard-earned money.

6- Changing Mindsets of the couple

Couples earlier didn't have any knowledge of photography but now with a high percentage of the internet population, people know the latest trends and techniques of photography. This also helps the photographers as the couple gives them the idea and the list like what type of shots they want, what type of props they need, what are their requirements etc. These ideas before the shoot help the photographers what their customer exactly needs. They know how to satisfy the customer.

7- Marketing of Wedding Photography 

Earlier the marketing of some photographers was only their banners and posters which were posted outside their shops but nowadays where the trend of social media is way too high there are so many options to showcase your brand pictures to everybody. Also, photographers make their social pages where they show their photography talents, blogs, videos which gives the idea to the people so that they can select the best photographer. By seeing pictures on social media people can also differentiate between the other photographers too. People can get to know the quality of photographers. They can choose which photographer is best for them. There are so many websites also where customers can have a look before booking. Choose the Brand Wisely by seeing each and every perspective.

8- Presence of album

Earlier there were no varieties of the album covers. There were hardly 1-2 options available for the people. But now people are very sensitive to their wedding album also they have so many options like Matted Album, Glossy, Flush Mount, etc.  Now, one has so many varieties of what type of album sheet he/she likes.  A wedding album will act as a symbol of your life and times so one must select it wisely.

9- Trained Photographers

Earlier in ancient times, it was the concept of having simple wedding pictures, and photographers were trained in that only. Now each photographer has his own style and tips. They know to create different styles and elements in photography. Photographers are proficient in using cameras and have a good understanding of lens and lighting. They know how to create magical photos of the people.

10- Fast Process

Earlier people used to wait for 1-2 months or more than that to get a Wedding album or a video. Now due to the fastest technique and enough staff, the photographer can edit a video in a Single day too!!! Now you can get your edited pictures and videos in a very little time. Earlier People used to get some of the selected photos by photographers but now you can get all over your coverage in a dropbox file. 

Here are some of our shots:-

shoot by rajesh digital

rajesh digital's photography


photography by rajesh digital

best photographer

rajesh's team photoshoot


mehendi shoot

mehendi photography

rajesh digital couple

haldi shoot

photography skills

happiest couple of rajesh digital

bride of rajesh digital

shoot by team rajesh digital

groom's entry shoot

bride potrait shoot

 We can see that things have changed a lot in the sphere of wedding photography in this decade!


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