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6 Bridal Portrait Tips You Must Know About

A wedding day is the most beautiful day in a couple’s life. Capturing the perfect shot becomes all the more crucial when there’s everything at stake. The bride is essentially the heart and the soul of a wedding. So, here are some tips for you to get the perfect shot that will complete your album: 


1. Get the candid shots:
A woman is always rocking on her wedding day so make sure to capture her beauty in all confidence with sneaky candid shots. Candid shots reveal the hidden story, the awaiting love, the anticipation. But fake candid shots do spoil the picture. So, make sure to be always ready to get the perfect shot. Stay focused on your bride and her facial expressions. Consider the lighting of the room and adjust your position accordingly. It is very important to remember that the crucial thing is to make your bride comfortable. 


2. Know the Poses:
It is very important to remember the poses that will look great on your bride’s style. Every person has their own look, so the shot should be customised accordingly. Don’t ever be afraid of trying something new. Try to avoid the cliched poses as it makes the bride very tired to do the same thing over and over again. When it comes to taking the perfect shot, stay away from traditional photography and try something that will make your bride shine. Keep them natural and spontaneous. Rigid poses kill the mood of the picture.


3. Focus on the details:
Being particular and specific will make your picture. Capture small details, hidden moments. Focus on items that have some emotional value and history. A passed down a piece of jewelry, mother’s anklets, the shining eyes looking at your loved ones. These will add memories into your picture and make it mean something more than just a simple shot.


4. Know your bride:
It is important to know your subject, so don’t hesitate to interact with the bride. Get to know her interests and what kind of things she likes. Knowing what kind of person she is will help you to select the best natural shot for her. It will help you capture her in her vulnerable movements. And that is the whole purpose of this shoot, to bring out beauty with emotions.


5. Choose suitable equipment:
Choosing the best camera equipment for a bridal shoot is not a tricky task. All you need to focus on is picking the right lens according to the location and carry some light filters. Pick the right camera settings according to the light in the room and your shot and you are good to go. Don’t be afraid to play with the light and the settings. Use high key photography for certain shots.



6. Don’t mess up on Post-processing:
Post-processing is the most crucial and final step of photography. So, you need to give extra careful attention to editing the album. It is important to match the mood of every picture of an event so they don’t look out of place. Go for understanding and subtle editing to give a final flourish. 


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