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Our most energetic bride whose bang entry will always be remembered

Sylvia and Lohitaksh first met in the mutual office. Couples who are different from each other are often attracted to each other.

Unofficial Date of Anmol & Yashika Turned into a Lifetime Relationship

A long time ago, someone said: - You feel true love in life when you realize that you love someone and at the same time you decide to spend your whole life with that person.

Intimate wedding of Simranjeet & Jaswinder

Meet our lovely couple Simranjeet & Jaswinder. It was a love marriage. Simranjeet & Jaswinder met through the portal Jeevansathi.

Love story of Abhishek & Pooja that started in CCD

It was a love marriage. Abhishek & Pooja met for the very first time at CCD through some of their common friends.

How to plan a pre-wedding shoot during Covid 19

As we all know that we all are facing a hard time but that does not mean that we should give up, we have to fight this epidemic firmly.

Intimate Wedding of Disha & Nikhlesh

Meet our wonderful couple Disha and Nikhlesh It feels like it was a decision made by fate and destiny and some supernatural power for them to meet

A perfect two-state love story of Jayanti and Arpit

Meet our Wonderful Couple Arpit and Jayanti Arpit and Jayanti who had the spectacular wedding at Jaipur.

Nitish found Qismat in his first official meeting

Met Rajesh Digital's couple Nitish and Qismat who found their love at the first official meeting. The clicked instantly in the first meeting.

A well- arranged marriage that turned to perfect love story

Have you ever imagined how can a well-arranged marriage can turn into a perfect love story? So, this is how Aman and Ankita's soul met which can never be apart.

Nikit and Srishti's Destiny sealed their bond forever

Rajesh Digital's couple Nikit and Srishti proved that what is written in Destiny is what you get. They are a perfect example of this.

Two fitness freak tied the knot at Vivanta By Taj

Our very own couple Sagar and Shradha get married at Vivanta by Taj. Their marriage is the perfect example of true love.

Our 'Hawaa Hawaai' Bride Who Rolled Over Hearts On Social Media

Rajesh Digital's couple Megha and Mayank are the perfect pair. Their love started with such good place, what could be better than this.

Just 20 minutes of conversation decided Himanshu and Jayati is made for each other

Rajesh Digital's couple Himanshu and Jayati had arranged marriage. The length of a relationship does not matter. Just because you only know someone from a short period of time it does not make your relationship less meaningful. They are a perfect example of this.

Love Marriage which has been and will be a Trendsetter #Always&Forever

Rajesh Digital's couple Shubham and Chetna are the perfect examples of True Love. They both proved ''The hashtag of #Always and Forever has always been theirs.''

Marvelous wedding of Varun and Tanya

Meet our Lovely Couple Varun and Tanya. Varun and Tanya’s meeting was set by their parents which later turned to love.

Blissful Wedding of Abhay and Natasha

It is often said that the love of college and school days is always strong and it goes to the forefront. Our very own couple Natasha and Abhay prove it.

Distance never matters when love is true just like Palak and Deepak

Meet our wonderful couple Deepak and Palak who proved if love is true then distance does not matter.

Immense love of Mohit and Vaishali that fixed their bond forever

Meet our Wonderful Couple Mohit and Vaishali. Their love story proved that " what is written in your destiny is what you get " The same here goes with the story of Mohit and Vaishali.

Nidhi & Vivek's Saga Of Love

Meet our Couple Vivek and Nidhi whose story is not less than the Bollywood movie. "If there is true love then no one in the world can separate anyone" Nidhi and Vivek proved this."

Journey Together From The Same Playschool turned into Life Partner

Rajesh Digital Team bought you a story of the couple Richa and Saurabh, whose Journey Together From The Same Playschool turned into Life Partner.

The Dreamy Wedding Of Aishwarya and Samarth

''As always said'' if love is true then nothing can prevent each other from being one. Our very own couple proved this.''

Sometimes A Sweet Smile Is Enough To Find True Love

They say that opposites attract, right! Well, in Shweta and Sidhant's case that was actually true. Both of them completed each other in the things they lacked (and hopefully vice versa!). Read the blog to find out more:

An Adorable Romantic Tale of Khilesh and Anjali

Khilesh and Anjali initially met in the long stretch of July for the absolute first time at a common companion Maanvi's birthday celebration which was arranged by Anjali.

Love Story of Prachi and Hetish Which initiated on a School Bus Stop

Turning Around the time it was just about eight years prior when Prachi and Hetish met. Their affection life began in the school days. The two of them used to study in various schools.

Changed Era of Indian Wedding Photography Industry

A wedding is a ceremony where two people and the families get united with each other. In Indian weddings, there are many ceremonies like Haldi, Mehendi, Engagement, etc. All ceremonies mark life's essential moments.

Love Story of Ashwerya & Rohit which commenced through Social Media

Rohit is a lawyer whereas Ashwerya is a wedding visualizer. She is an entrepreneur and runs her own company, Zariya event and design. Their love story begins through social media

Childhood friendship which turns into love marriage of Simran & Kushagar

Childhood has always been a memorable part of our lives. And the best part is childhood friend, that we never forget whether we live together or not. What if your childhood friendship turned into a love story? It's sound amazing!

Remarkable Long Distance Marriage of Ankush & Anshika

Remarkable Long-distance marriage of Ankush & Anshika. They both proved " I am Yours & You are mine". In their love life, everything happened so quickly. They both proved, in Love distance does not matter.

Unique love story of Himanshu and Shefali | Rajesh Digital |

   Meet our lovely & Adorable couple Himanshu & Shefali                                        

Power-Packed Wedding of Farhan & Gunjan || Witness the Celebration Of Love

We are the Best Wedding photographer in India. We celebrate every aspect of love and happiness of life through our photography. Celebrate your beautiful moment of love with us.