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Jai Mala Ceremony in Indian Wedding Tradition

Jai Mala is also known as Var Mala.  'Var' means groom and 'mala' means garland.  It is the initiation of the Hindu wedding. Mala is the Hindi word for festoon, as a rule comprising of flowers clustered together on a string. This ceremony is done at the beginning of the wedding.

Melodic Sangeet Ceremony in Indian Wedding Tradition

The word Sangeet implies music but in traditional Indian Weddings, it is described as Musical Party or Music Night. here Rajesh Digital Team brought you to know about Melodic Sangeet Ceremony in Indian Wedding Tradition.

Significance Of Haldi Ceremony In Indian Wedding

Haldi ceremony is a culture of Indian wedding which paste of Haldi that applied to the groom and bride's body. Haldi ceremony held on the bride and groom's place.

Bridal Mehndi Design | Top 12 Trending Mehndi Design in 2020

If you are looking for some Best Mehndi designs for weddings and festivals. We Rajesh Digital present you with the Top Trending Mehendi Design of the Year 2020. Here are some simple yet stunning Mehandi Design images to inspire you.