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Indian weddings are always the talk of the town. Its celebrations are magnanimous and treasurable forever. There are several blissful moments and rituals that are performed during the wedding ceremony such as the Haldi Ceremony,  Sangeet ceremony, the Mehendi Ceremony, and the rituals performed at the Mandap including the Varmala ceremony. Thought the ceremony we witness amazing moments that takes place at their perfect timings.  

Bidaai in Indian Weddings

However, no matter, if you are getting married to a person in love with you or getting married to be loved by the person, one of the most important and bittersweet moments of any wedding ceremony is the Bidaai or you may also call it Vidaai. This is the most sentimental outburst moment of the ceremony, which means bidding “goodbye” to the parents, relatives, and friends.

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Vidaai in Indian Weddings

Vidia is a post-wedding ceremony that takes place after all the main wedding rituals (such as Saat Pheras, Kanyadaan, etc) are completed. As the last wedding ritual, Bidaai marks the beginning of her new life as the wife and daughter in law. During the Bidaai ceremony, the bride, on her way out, is accompanied by her parents, relatives, friends, and before actually stepping out of the doorstep, she picks three handsful of rice and coins and showers it backwards into the house - showcasing that she is repaying her parents for all they have given to her. In Sikhism, this ceremony is called Doli.

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Bidaai in Indian Weddings

Bidaai in Indian Weddings

Bidaai ceremony is very emotions, during this all the family members bid farewell to the bride with full of teary eyes and a heavy heart. Traditionally, as I said, it marks the beginning of her new role as a wife and also signifies the end of her role as a daughter. After taking blessings from her family and associates, she is followed to the beautifully decorated car by her father who hands her over to the groom while blessing him for eternal love and prosperity.

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Bidaai in Indian Weddings

A wedding ceremony is overwhelming but at the same time, they are full of emotions as it marks the new beginning of the bride and groom. For the bride, it is a  more sentimental situation as she has to leave her parents, her home, her friends and family, and all other things she had at her home before the marriage. It is the highness of her courage that she leaves everything for a person she loves or getting married to love. No matter what, the Bidaai ceremony is the most emotional part of any wedding. 

Bidaai in Indian Weddings

Bidaai in Indian Weddings

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