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5 Best Indian Wedding Couple Poses | Rajesh Digital

Most of the time, couples are very conscious when it comes to their wedding photography. And being conscious or worried is not at all good for a wedding shoot as your nervousness can clearly be captured in the camera. Hence for a wedding shoot, you need to be calm, relaxed and well-rested. We know all of this is not easy for you to follow as you have a whole wedding to look after. 

So to avoid being nervous and conscious at the time of your wedding shoot, you need to do some research on different ideas and inspirations that can make your wedding photography look amazing.

So, we here at Rajesh Digital are here to give you some inspiration that has worked every time for us. The following are 5 Best Indian Wedding Couple Poses that you should definitely try for your wedding photography in 2020:

Show Off That Ring!

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A wedding ring is not just an accessory that you wear on your finger, it is much more than that. It is a symbol of love and commitment that you and your loved one make to each other at the time of your wedding. Exchanging rings is something that makes your wedding official, hence we believe they are special enough to make it to your wedding album.


Laugh Your Heart Out

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Your wedding is undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of your life and as there are cameras around, there is no need for you to be nervous or careful of what you do. We rather suggest you let your hair down and have the time of your life, as these are some moments that you will carry with you for a long long time. So, have fun, laugh and give a chance to the photographer to click some amazing candid pictures of you and your partner.


The Varmala Pose

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Just like wedding rings, Varmalas are also very special. Once the phere are done, the bride and groom get to the Varmala ceremony which is clearly one of the most precious moments of the wedding. Hence it also needs to be captured in the camera beautifully.


Don't Be Shy And Have Fun 

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This is more of a suggestion than a pose. On your wedding day, everything that you see revolves around you and you should not ruin it by being shy as a wedding is once in a lifetime, and you listen to your heart and go with the flow. And that includes bursting out hilarious and amazing poses randomly.


The Classic Hug

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You might think that this is a common pose for a wedding, but if done right, this could result in being the best picture from the whole wedding album. The chemistry that you and your partner have plays a major role in this pose. The better the chemistry the better your photos are going to turn out.

Hence these were 5 Best Indian Wedding Couple Poses that you should definitely try for your wedding photography. And if you are looking for inspiration beyond poses, you should go and check out our site Rajesh Digital.