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Ankit and Kinsha's Cute love story that started at Nani's house

Remember the day when we used to wait for the holidays to go to Nani's house. That was the best time when we used to have lots of fun and pranks and hide in Nani's lap after being scolded by mom. The same thing happened with this couple!

Meet our Lovely couple Ankit & Kinsha

Ankit owns a Gun shop in Delhi. Ankit and Kinsha met for the first time in Nani's house. Ankit and Kinsha's mother is childhood best friends so they were used to meet at Nani's house. Their childhood friendship is turned into love. Their mothers were childhood friends, so they had no problem to convince the family.  

Pre-wedding Shoot

The wedding celebration   started with the pre-wedding shoot. Their pre-wedding was shot in Murthal, Haryana. Ankit & Kinsha's pre-wedding was a story-based shoot. The story of the pre-wedding shoot was inspired by their own story. In their pre-wedding shoot had a Bollywood touch, their performance was very mesmerizing. 


Cocktail Night 

Ankit and Kinsha's cocktail party was held in Royal Dale. The cocktail party was very grand and it was full of dance and bang. The drummer was also performed at the cocktail party. 

Mehendi ceremony

The wedding celebrations started with the Mehendi ceremony. Mehendi ceremony took place at their homes with the respective families and friends. Kinsha wore a beautiful multi-colored lehenga paired up with floral jewelry. 

Vibrant Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi function was held at their respective homes. The Bride wore a traditional yellow color suit. The groom was seen in a white kurta pajama. The Haldi ceremony was one effervescent and a small event that took place in the day.

Kalira ceremony

Kalira ceremony is an important ceremony in the Panjabi wedding. Kaliras are beautiful golden accessories worn on the wrists of Punjabi brides during the 'Kalira Ceremony' that happens on the morning of the wedding day. They are beautifully hung like chandeliers on their bangles or choora. During the Kalire ceremony bride trying to drop her kalira on someone's head if the bride's kalira falls on your head, it means that you are next in line to get married.
The Lavish Wedding
Ankit and Kinsha's wedding was a big fat Punjabi wedding. The wedding was at seven seas hotel, Delhi. The decor was very elegant. On a special day, fun games were also arranged to make D-day fun. Talking about the Outfit, the bride wore a gorgeous lehenga by kamal Bhai saree Sangam paired up with jewelry by Intimate Jewellers and makeup by Jyonie rungwatol. Groom charmed up with Sherwani by creative stop.

The Vidaai ceremony, emotional goodbye for the bride and family. 

Glamorous Reception

While for the Reception everyone headed to the Royal Dale, Chattarpur. The reception was grand. Our newly married couple is looking super gorgeous at the reception. There was a lot of dance and fun in the reception of Ankit and Kinsha.

Lip Dub Video

Ankit & Kinsha's Wedding video

We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. We wish the newly-weds a happy married life ahead! Team Rajesh Digital