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A well-arranged marriage that turned to perfect love story

Meet our Wonderful couple Aman and Ankita

Have you ever imagined how can a well-arranged marriage can turn into a perfect love story? So, this is how two souls met which can never be apart.

Aman and Ankita’s marriage was fixed by their parents. They both met in Kathmandu in the month of August. As we all expect in every Indian marriage, Ankita was also been prepared for expecting guests where Aman's family could see her as a girl for their son. The conversation between her parents and her future in-laws went so smoothly but She was still unaware of the boy for whom She was going to be married. She asked her parents for the pictures of the guy and yes, She can say that the name Mr. Aman Agrawal and his pictures gave her some tickles in the body and this made her curious and even excited to meet Aman. Aman's family used to force him to get married so to get rid out of it He decided to move the UK so that he could get out of it. Aman always wanted to meet and observe a girl first rather than relying on pictures or other's opinions. Aman’s parents tricked him into going for a social event before that where Ankita was performing a dance, though Aman being an introvert he did not exchange words then. After that, they decided to meet in at the hotel and there was something exceptional that clicked. They talked and shared their pasts and all. The talks made them realized that their relationship can be given a shot so they decided to meet again the next day to confide into one another a little deeper to their plans and expectations. Aman decided to meet Ankita again then they shared some of their little secrets, the future they want in their lives, and a little effort to try to know each other and finally they concluded the unsaid meeting with a “YES”, to each other and decided to spend rest of their lives with each other happily. Aman's craziness, his activities, his little efforts to made her smile, his caring nature, and his dashing personality all this made her heart helpless and Ankita fell for him deep inside her heart. She found a boy which She dreamt of and it was like a dream come true. After that, till the wedding, they used to meet at various places once or twice a week. Their parents were happy and excited about their marriage.

Engagement and Ceremony

Aman and Ankita's exchanged the rings at Gokarna Hotel and Resort. Ankita wore the Indo-western lehenga by Nirmal creations and on the other side groom wore Indo western outfit by Burlington by soods. Aman and Ankita did a special dance on a romantic number which was watched by everybody without a blink of an eye. Whether a small child or other family member everyone added colors of joy to the ceremony as well as the atmosphere by their dance performances. The whole event was more than the musical night. Everybody enjoyed special moments together.

engagement photoshoot


Nepal Engagement photoshoot

Mehendi and Bhaat Ceremony

Aman and Ankita's Mehendi and Bhaat Ceremony was at the same place. Aman wore the Kurta pyjama by Manyavar whereas Ankita wore the green lehenga by Nirmal Creations. They both looked perfect. Aman and Ankita did their entry in a colorfully decorated rickshaw which was very marvellous. Everyone danced on the dhol beats and had lots of fun.

mehendi photoshoot


Haldi Ceremony

Aman and Ankita had their Haldi Ceremony together. Aman wore yellow shade kurta pajama whereas Ankita wore an orange shade dress. All the family members applied turmeric paste to the bride and groom turn by turn. It seemed as if turmeric's Holi was being played. The color shades of their outfits suited very well for the Haldi occasion. Their Haldi Ceremony was celebrated just like a fun party event where everybody gathered and enjoyed it.

haldi photoshoot

haldi photography

nepal haldi ceremony

haldi photgraphy

Wedding Ceremony

Finally, the most important part comes that is the Wedding of Aman and Ankita. The venue of the wedding was the Gokarna Resort. The most exciting thing about their wedding was they got married in two traditions that are traditional and Catholic. Ankita wore the lehenga by Nirmal Sarees along with jewellery by Ramesh Chandra. Aman wore the Sherwani by Amit Kumar and Ajit Kumar. Their traditional wedding had a huge gathering with more than 500 guests. Our Bride Ankita had the classy entry as she was accompanied by Rajasthani style dressed women who danced and did some fire acts which made her entry rememberable.

wedding photography

bride potrait photo

nepal wedding photography

couple photgraphy

Aman and Ankita had their Catholic Wedding in Gokarna Kathmandu. Ankita wore the beautiful trail gown by Calcutta and on the other side groom looked dapper in the outfit by Tux from success. The reason behind their Catholic Wedding was Aman was a bit inclined to the western culture and been fascinated by English culture so he always wanted to get married in Catholic tradition too. So when he told this to Ankita she was surprised at first because she never expected that she will get married in catholic tradition also. But when she got to know that Aman liked English culture after that she agreed and also got excited about this tradition.  
The couple made their Catholic wedding special with a "Perfect" dance on the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

catholic wedding photography

catholic wedding

catholic photoshoot


Aman and Ankita's Wedding Teaser

We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger every passing year. We wish Aman and Ankita a Happy Married life ahead. - Team Rajesh Digital