Cover for A perfect two-state love story of Jayanti and Arpit

A perfect two-state love story of Jayanti and Arpit

Meet our Wonderful Couple Arpit and Jayanti #arpitkijaan

It is always said that Love has no limits, boundaries, culture and religion. Love is pure and beautiful just like Arpit and Jayanti. Despite having various cultures they choose to be together. They proved that Caste and religion do not matter if love is strong. Despite facing difficulties and challenges they did not give up and stood firmly.

Arpit and Jayanti studied in the same college. One day Arpit organized a trip from college Jayanti also went on that trip.
All the photos of Jayanti were on Arpit's phone, So just to take her pictures from Arpit's phone Jayanti messaged him and asked him for the photos. This is how their first conversation got started. After that they got habitual and their conversation continued. After graduation, they went to London for further studies. After coming back from London Jayanti's parents proposed her to get married to Arpit as her parents really liked Arpit due to his qualities. Her parents found everything in Arpit that they expected for her daughter. But the main problem arose was their difficult cultures as Arpit is Maharashtrian and Jayanti is North Indian. Both had their own traditions and cultures so it was very difficult for them to handle the cultural differences but they managed all the problems. They didn't let any obstacle ruin their love life. But, in the end, they were together, that only matters.

When we asked Jayanti how was her experience to get married in two traditions to which she told that It was fun, scary, adventurous for her. Marrying in two different culture was actually very dreamy for everyone but it takes a lot to execute two traditions. 

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Arpit and Jayanti's pre-wedding shoot was at The Picture Villa. Their shoot was sweet and simple as like our couple. They both tried different attires in their shoot. 

pre-wedding shoot


pre wedding photoshoot


Engagement Ceremony 

Arpit and Jayanti exchanged the rings at Gateway Resort by Taj. Both of them looked adorable. Their Engagement Ceremony was not less than a blast as it was overloaded with fun, dance performances and lots of happiness. There were so many electrifying dance performances by the family members including our couple which mesmerized everybody.

engagement photography

engagement photoshoot

photography by rajesh digital

Mehendi Ceremony

Arpit and Jayanti's Mehendi ceremony was together. Jayanti wore her elegant dress by Ornate. Everyone applied Mehendi on their hands including the bride and groom. Their Mehendi ceremony was filled with enthusiasm, laughter, songs, dances. 

mehendi photography

mehendi photoshoot

Haldi Ceremony

At their Haldi Ceremony, they both wore a yellow shade dress. The bride wore lehenga whereas Arpit wore simple kurta pyjama. Jayanti also wore floral jewellery which added a charm to her look. Turn by turn every one applied the Haldi paste to the Bride and Groom. All the ladies showered their blessings to the bride and groom for their happy and healthy married life. Their friends specially added a dose of entertainment and laughter in their Haldi Ceremony.

haldi photography

haldi photoshoot

capture by rajesh digital


Wedding Ceremony

The venue of their wedding was The Gateway Resort by Taj. They married in Maharashtrian and Traditional Culture. At their Maharashtrian wedding, Jayanti wore the beautiful Paithani saree whereas the groom wore Kurta. The couple looked perfectly good at their Maharashtrian wedding. 

traditional wedding capture

wedding photography

wedding capture

At their traditional Wedding, Jayanti wore a lehenga by Frontier Raas whereas the groom looked dapper in Sherwani. Jayanti's makeup was done by the makeup artist Priyanka Chopra. Their traditional marriage was a grand event with a huge gathering of relatives and friends. The venue was large and was very beautifully decorated. Their wedding was just like a fairytale wedding which was spectacular.

Indian wedding

wedding photgraphy

marriage photoshoot

couple shoot by rajesh digital

May your love expand long-lasting every passing year. We wish Arpit and Jayanti All the best & a Happy Married life ahead! - Team Rajesh Digital