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Traditional Sikh Wedding of Karandeep and Navnidh

Meet our Wonderful Couple Karandeep and Navnidh

As we know that Punjabis love doing parties and are also excellent hosts. The fun-loving nature of theirs reflects in their weddings too, and also in all the pre and post-wedding functions. Our couple's marriage was a perfect example of this. Karandeep and Navidh's Punjabi wedding was bright, boisterous, and fun-filled  

Karandeep and Navnidh's marriage was fixed by their parents. First, their families arranged the meeting for them. After meeting for the very first time they never felt that they met for the first time. After talking, the two of them understood each other and decided to get married. This is how it all started. They both proved that "It does not matter how long you know each other. The only thing requires in love is understanding of two souls."

Their wedding celebration started with:-

Pre-Wedding Shoot

''Love isn't something that occurs from the first sight, it happens when you begin knowing one another and thus wind up requiring one another, for each feeling, for each idea and for each second.''

The pre-wedding shoot is the best way for couples to create unforgettable moments with each other. Karandeep and Navnidh's pre-wedding shoot location was Noor Mahal. Noor Mahal is famous for its attractive interiors and captivating architecture which is loved by every couple. Both Bride and Groom wore different attires. Their Simple and Sober look made the Pre-wedding shoot prominent.

Pre-wedding shoot

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Sagan Ceremony

Sagan ceremony of the couple was at - Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha. Karan looked dapper in the outfit by Heritage by Satish Nanda. Both sides family members were present on the Sagan Ceremony. All the elders blessed the groom and gave him best wishes for the future.

Cocktail Ceremony

The cocktail ceremony of Karandeep and Navnidh's was at Jannat Valley. Navnidh's beautiful attire was designed by Raj Arora whereas the groom looked dapper in the outfit by Ahmad. Their cocktail ceremony was filled with lots of moves and twists. There was a melody in music and a lot of heart and fun in the dance steps.  Their cocktail ceremony was full of Fun, Energy, and Dhamaal.

Couple photography

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Indian cocktail ceremony

Cocktail ceremony

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Haldi and Mehendi Ceremony

Groom's Haldi and Mehendi Ceremony was at his respective home. By looking at the pictures, it is being estimated that how much they all made a blast including all family members. Everyone took part in the Haldi Ceremony's ritual and played Haldi Ki Holi to add in a dose of fun and laughter. The ceremony was full of musical extravaganza. Most of the females also wore the Floral Jewellery.

Haldi Bash

Haldi Ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony

Karandeep and Navnidh's wedding celebration was at Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib. Both Bride and Groom looked Magnificent. Karandeep wore the Sherwani by Sumit Dewan and on the other hand Bride wore the lehenga by Payal Keyal. Navnidh's makeup as done by the makeup artist Guneet Virdi. Gurudwara was decorated with fresh flowers and colorful drapes. Their wedding ceremony began with Ardaas and blessings from God. Relative from both sides paid their respect to the Guru Granth Sahib. The fundamental attraction of their wedding was delicious feasts, luxuries, great music, and heaps of moving. Their ceremony was filled with lots of blessings and love.

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Wedding Reception

Karandeep and Navnidh's wedding reception was at Mithas Forever. Groom's dress was designed by Janak and the bride's dress was designed by Payal Keyal. Navndih's makeup was done by the makeup artist Guneet Virdi. Navnidh wore the gleaming jewellery by Tanishq. The big, fat, and extravagant Punjabi wedding come to an end with a grand reception party. Their reception was Grand and grandiose affair. The couple hit the dance floor along with the invited guests. Also, there was a cake-cutting ceremony too. The reception was a sumptuous feast with dance and music to follow.  At last, The whole family enjoyed the wonderful reception.

Decor ideas

Reception Photography

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Cake Cutting Ceremony


We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. We wish Karandeep and Navnidh a Happy Married life ahead! - Rajesh Digital