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An Adorable Romantic Tale of Khilesh and Anjali

Meet our Wonderful Couple Khilesh and Anjali

Khilesh and Anjali initially met in the long stretch of July for the absolute first time at a common companion Maanvi's birthday celebration which was arranged by Anjali. Maanvi was Anjali's closest companion and Khilesh's colleague from CS classes. Anjali just knew Khilesh as Manavi's companion. Be that as it may, the first run through when Anjali saw him she had become hopelessly enamored with him. Anjali likewise told that there was something unique that happened and she insisted Maanvi to set up a meeting with Khilesh so that she can meet him once more. And afterward, it happened. They met again as Maanvi and Khilesh had met for another companion's birthday. Be that as it may, that the birthday celebration got over very soon so Maanvi thought of inviting Anjali over there. In the blink of an eye from Gurgaon, Anjali came and afterward three of them headed out to watch a film. After the film finished, Khilesh dropped Maanvi to her home and in one way or another Khilesh wound up dropping to Anjali at her place as well. The distance was of one hour so the two of them had sufficient opportunity to talk. The two of them had a discussion in which they talked about their families, their preferences detest, and so forth. They had a decent discussion in that one hour of time. While on their way Khilesh welcomed Anjali at his birthday celebration. So they met again at his Birthday Celebration and Anjali realized not simply she had feelings for him that day she felt that Khilesh had something for her as well. Anjali likewise included that the more she conversed with Khilesh, the more she liked him. Anjali told that Khilesh was and still is one of the most decent people she had ever met. Khilesh revealed to Anjali that he never had a girlfriend in his life since all that made a difference to him was his obsession for cricket and his CS Job. After that day the two of them began meeting with one another in Gurgaon. The two of them had workplaces in Gurgaon so they used to invest their time in Gurgaon some times in the early morning before office and some of the time after office hours only for certain minutes. Gradually they created shared affections for one another However sadly, no one proposed anybody. Their story closes with an upbeat happy note from that point forward they were together and got hitched cheerfully.

Parent's Reaction

Khilesh told his family after three to four months of their relationship. His parents joyfully acknowledged Anjali. At that point, it was the turn of Anjali to reveal to her parents about her relationship. In reality, her family knew Khilesh as just a friend. Anjali was exceptionally reluctant to tell this as she has two elder brothers that to eight-nine years elder. So she chose to disclose her relationship to her dad first and afterward to her siblings. Anjali's family said that the main thing that they will do is, their piece of checking for full fulfillment, and on the off chance that everything falls set up, at that point just they will concur. Anjali's brother is exactly a dad figure so he called Khilesh for an up-close and personal meeting that excessively alone. Also, After meeting with Khilesh he consented to her sister's decision. Everything went fine. Both the families met loved each other with no looked for dramatization. On another note, Anjali revealed to her family after about two years of her relationship. Until Anjali's mom used to imagine that Khilesh and Maanvi were dating one another. As the two of them used to be together yet it was on the grounds that one was Anjali's closest companion and the other one was Khelish which was his Boyfriend. Anjali's mom used to think that her daughter should find somebody like Khilesh to get hitched to, Though in another way. In any case, she didn't have the foggiest idea about that her daughter Anjali was at that point dating Khilesh. 

Their Wedding Celebration started with :

Engagement Ceremony

They both exchanged rings at Tivoli Grand. The bride wore the attire from Antya Couture in which she looked extremely beautiful. On the other groom wore a black tuxedo in which he looked dashing. Anjali's makeup was done by the makeup artist Abhilasha Sadana. The most extraordinary thing about their Engagement Ceremony was that they played some adventurous games which made the occasion progressively unique. Both bride and groom's romantic move execution enchanted the crowd definitely. Everybody appreciated the function and had a ton of fun together.  

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Mehendi Ceremony

Khilesh and Anjali's Mehendi ceremony was at the same place. Anjali wore a yellow color attire with light mirror embroidery work from Meena Bazaar. Anjali's makeup was done by Abhilasha Sadana. Her spanking floral jewellery made the dress look more likable. Both Groom and Bride's side people made some incredible memories. The embellishment decoration of fresh Flowers made the ceremony propitious.

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Haldi Ceremony

Both Bride and Groom wore light pink color shades for their Haldi Ceremony. The beautification property of Haldi makes the Haldi function a significant custom in Indian weddings. Bride's Indo-western outfit was also Breathtaking. Both of them looked absolutely perfect. Their Haldi ceremony was loaded up with full of fun, dancing, and blessings.

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Wedding Ceremony

 The most significant day in everyone's life is Wedding Day. The venue for the wedding was Tivoli Grand. From the complex decorative designs to the thrilling tables and lights, we adored everything about the venue. Talking about the outfits the bride wore a magnificent lehenga from Sudhir Bhai along with the elegant jewellery by Soni Saphire. On the other side, the groom wore Sherwani. Anjali's make up was done by the makeup artist Sahil Malhotra. A lot of people gathered and gave their best wishes and blessings to the couple for their future.

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Anjali's lip dub video


We had a lot of fun to capture this beautiful couple. May your love grow stronger every passing year. We wish Khilesh and Anjali a Happy Married life ahead. - Team Rajesh Digital